A downloadable composition for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Yet another indie platformer more difficult than it needs to be.


This is a prototype music game inspired by Link's Awakening.

It is a small open 2D platformer with instrument collectibles at the end of each level. Each collectible adds an instrument to the game soundtrack. There are six levels and six instruments to collect. Each level has different music. Not every instrument is used in every level.

Created using Unity and FMOD. 2D Platformer Controller from Sebastian Lague.

Controls/Gameplay/Instructions for people who don't regularly play platformers

ASD or arrow keys to move. (↑/W is not used.)

SPACE to jump. Jump is dynamic; the longer you hold down the jump button, the higher you jump. Tap for short hops, hold for higher jumps.

Colored floors/platforms are passable (These are initially blue). Press S or ↓ to fall through them.  You can also jump through them from below.

Colored walls are jumpable (These are initially yellow). Hold right or left (in the direction of the wall) and hit jump repeatedly to wall jump (don't spam the space key!). Jumping off the wall while first holding the direction key opposite of the wall gives a boost in speed.

ESC to leave the game.

Gamepad is supported.


Complete soundtrack for listening over on Soundcloud. Instruments used: cello, trumpet, cello, guitar, cello, melodica.

P.S. Perfect intonation is for suckers. The melodica is super out of tune and YOU WILL LIKE IT.

Install instructions

Unzip and enjoy.


Boxy_PC.zip 40 MB
Boxy_Mac.zip 55 MB
Boxy_Linux.zip 53 MB